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Christina Vantzou’s Releasing Spores is a cast of elements revealing vignettes of experimentation within a curious locale. These thirty-four minutes of music perform the creation of a sporic language evolved from field recordings, organic instruments, and synthesized elements. Minimal melodic themes recur to ground each of the nine songs as the parallel parts of a form. A soundtrack of events, composed and delivered as a documentary about a place, communicates an environment that's been thoughtfully tuned in and revealed. Vantzou’s ambient languages inhabit the air, releasing tones that buoyantly float, drift, and settle upon the ground, to then fluently grow. These are compositions that witness the formation of a thinking place where ideas reflect and converse. It is the sound of an element enunciating while gliding through an atmosphere; multiplying into fields of little voices to imagine an avant-garde play in the emerald glow of night. The release of spores documented in sound as they create abstract purpose upon plateaus of aural thought.



Slow Moves 001
Artist: Christina Vantzou
Album: Releasing Spores
Length: 34 minutes

Track list
1.   Life of a mushroom
2.   In a forest, on some moss, growing
3.   Releasing spores
4.   Floating as a preferred mode of travel
5.   Multiplying into fields of little voices
6.   Spores floating in air
7.   Inter-dimensional
8.   Changing colors
9.   A soundtrack for growth

Composed by Christina Vantzou

Recorded in La Pine and Clatskanie, Oregon; Brussels, Belgium; and Brooklyn, New York
Mixed by CV† & JAB*
† tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9
* tracks  2  4 &  6
∆ Changing colors includes samples from Philippe Dao, Diego Losa and Gilles Racot courtesy of GRM


Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
Artwork by Slow Moves
Portrait by John Also Bennett

Christina Vantzou - Releasing Spores

12,00 €Price
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